About me

I'm Alex Davies, a junior at Cornell University but born and bred in Newcastle, England. Before Cornell I attended UWC-USA in Montezuma, NM. The state is beautiful and the school unusual.
At Cornell, I am pursuing an independent major comprising computer science, political science, and Middle Eastern studies. As such, I am a jack of many trades, but master of none.

Besides the scribblings you find herein, I write an opinion column for the Cornell Daily Sun, titled Have I Got News For You? (either an intriguing yet pretentious name or a shameless rip-off, depending on who you ask). Atop my 900-word soapbox, I write primarily on US domestic politics and international affairs.

Continuing this turgid personal rundown, of which you have most certainly grown weary, allow me to suggest an escape. As well as arguing in print, I'm Head of Creative at The Diplomacist, an online student international affairs publication (I know, too many modifiers). I write articles (with pessimism) and produce podcasts (with professors). If you seek a more useful, more professional, and more enriching read than the contents of this blog, it is but a click away.

After listing an email address on my website I have been deluged by nefarious bankers and solicitous 'women', but that's the price we must all pay. Here's to hoping that you are not among them. You can reach me at ajd253 [at] cornell [dot] edu.